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Ayo Fayose is not an ordinary person-Brother

Mr Isaac Fayose, the younger brother of Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, has explained the rationale behind his elder brother’s strong-willed character.
He made this known in a recent chat with Daily Sun.
Isaac, who is 11 years younger than the governor, said his brother had conquered fear since he was very young, hence his rugged and strong personality.
He noted that Fayose had also taught his younger brothers to do the same.
Growing up, he had taught us his younger ones how to be rugged and strong. Kill fear and face your challenges and never be discouraged or turned back on what you desire to achieve no matter what people say. Also, that we should trust God and not depend on humans. Whatever God would do, He would do.
And you know, having been following him over the years and believing in him, and seeing what he passed through. You remember the challenges he faced during his first term as governor of Ekiti and his miraculous come back eight years after? I have no reason to doubt him and his principles. I am sure that whatever he says about himself is what will happen.”
Isaac added, “If you look at his records, his track records, you can see that he is not an ordinary person. He is actually made for what he is doing.”

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