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Danger of pride


Pride is an abomination to God and God rejects proud  people, how do I detect pride in my life and the action?

1. If you do not tremble at God's word, you are proud.

2. When you seek vain glory,you are proud.

3. If you have any sense of self worth (you think you are better than someone else), you are proud

4. If you normally look down on others, you are proud.

5.If you have any act of showmanship or always flaunting your wealth, your body with indecent clothes,you are proud.

6. If you do not respect others (old or young), you are proud.

7. If you have any trace of selfishness, you are proud.

8. If you get offended over little matters or minor issues,you are proud.

9. If you hate corrections,you are proud.

10.If you find it difficult to apologise, you are proud.

11.If you find it difficult to appreciate others, you are proud.

12.If you hate instructions, you are proud.

13.If you are not always at ease to accommodate others, you are proud.

14.If you get irritated at others unnecessarily, you are proud.

15.If you lack the five magic words (Please, Pardon me, I am sorry, Thank you and Excuse me), you are proud.

16.If you always exaggerate, you are proud.

17.If you find it difficult to relate with people of lower class, you are proud.

18.If you find it difficult to adapt to certain conditions/situations, you are proud.

19.If you always want your will, decision,reasoning and desire to supersede others, you are proud.

20.If you get offended when your counsel is not taken, you are proud.

21.If you get angry when you are not consulted or your suggestion/decision is not endorsed, you are proud.

22.If you are not happy when others especially your juniors are promoted or you do not give honour to whom honour is due, you are proud.

23.If you are wise in your own eyes, you are proud.

24.If you do not take wise and positive counsel/advice, you are proud.

25.If you lack the fear of God,you are proud.

26.If you do not have plan/hope of making heaven, you are proud.

27.If you lack the zeal to maintain peace,you are proud.

28.If you always want people to acknowledge your presence and your achievements in public places,you are proud.

29.If you treat the poor with disdain, you are proud.

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