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Distractions are for real

When distractions set in
Evil are already planning for you
You are just like a cheap prey
If care is not taken
As good as it looks,they know your weak point

If you give in too much you have underrated their powers
In a clear terms they won't stop
Until you dance to their tunes
You maybe be deeply involved
Since you have accepted their offers

They know what you cannot deny
If it will take years to execute their actions
If you are not at alert
Not to fall into their deep pit
Be careful how it may come through

If you study the things of the world
You will discover them
They are always very attractive
To hunt you down
Either quickly or lately

People should know their God
To overcome the flesh and distractions
In praying and fasting
A sacrifice all must do
If you want your life to be meaningful

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