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In my mother's love


My mother held me while I was still a baby
Through the pain,she bore in given birth to me
She was clueless about who the sex would be
After all the baby has to be hers

In the struggles to cater for my need
Everything has to wait all because of me
Nothing except her generosity held me safe
My life was shapely form from her part

Ours has to be developed from her
Eating whatever her effort brings forth
No complain after it was served wholeheartedly
No doubt I came to live as one among them

My experience with her know no bound
Enduring my excesses to be called a child
It is herself that put me on the right track
Even if I deserved to be subjected to pain

I hail her even if I am not with her now
Continuously,our mother is best appreciated here
To the world who hardly had something to say about them
We thank God for the mother who gave birth to us

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