My help from God

My help from God

I am alive but draws the help from God
I see him closer to me that I ever imagined
So,who would be left in chasing him
I tried to quit him,but all effort failed
He knows what we need the help for

Who will seek him and still failed
The journey they started and ended
Believing that the help is at a farther distance
Some people will even satisfy all to be there
They do not know but,even feel for the help

Our mindset dictates what the help can be
Through every way that is visible
In all the way we are for the help
I think of the reason why the help
To God it is whom the help comes from

Life is in the help we seek always
Through the challenges surrounding all
If it is failing us,the help from above is sure on us
God created us to meet the help at the right time
Our help rest in God and through prayers and his grace

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