A prayer for Nigeria for peace

A prayer for Nigeria for peace

Oh Lord,we are dying because we had nothing to do
No way could be better than your own way
The easiest thing is to do what is right
Our fear lies in what we cannot do completely
Come to our aid and help us very well
We know you do things very strongly

People had to be involved in this matter effectively
Seriously,we are going to do it well
We are no longer dying in this time of the day
All challenges cannot overcome us again
The destiny before us now is happening once more again
Our God is forever glorified today and forever

Tomorrow work feels it should be better planned today
And what we put together seems working now
That shows there is something worth doing well
No hidden agenda for anything at all to be doing well
Being in a dangerous act before,were settled in the first acting
Joint people are to be appreciated for the work done

Hopefully,it is what we planned to do on time
He cannot be compared to any other person who is living now
Our God look on us with kindness and bless us
Do not give your anger on us to destroy us
Be given us the time to change for better
We have sinned a lot but we need your help to carry on

Our act we carry out is no more benefiting us
After the act we realised that we have no hope again
Oh Lord,you can rescue us from that mess we are into
A sinner with a pure heart can still be forgiven
We have failed to notice that which has been doing make us bad
People find it difficult to be doing things well enough

You still gives us the chance to reflect on our situation going worsen
The Lord hold no sin against individual who has forgiven others also
Peace is what we need to balance up in Nigeria well
Nobody would run away from being peaceful
What you would not prophesy will not happen in our presence
Our God prophesy good things like peace to the Nigerian people and we are flourishing like plant planted by the river sides

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