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My life is not mine

I started as everybody wants to be a part of this world. Work is what is done everywhere else.All the work for me is done and before i know it,I have finished the work.It is not as if I want to do it but as my mood may not warrant that.I believe the work is not going to kill me and doing it in haste make them says something about how the work has been done and who is in charge.

After the work,I eat and not even thinking of relaxing nor sleeping because of my presence in another thing.The visitors came and for the purpose of their coming they do their things and went away.Bearing it in the mind that,I will have to do the work for the visitors to feel.All are to their coming is for me to make them feel welcomed.

They will have to see the reason why they have to be catered for?And the work is not only for just one.Any mistake at all which may not be intentional has to be viewed as to what the minds control that to be so and doing it again should not be said twice.The situation I found myself is challenging and nothing seems to be in your favour in whatever forms.

Originality is a thing that we have to work for and I found myself in the midst of people who believed that the work should be done by only one person and not considering the fact that capacity should not be elongated.They sound so used to giving the work as if they had no hands in doing it.As a person growing in this world,who believes that life should be fair enough.And I found out none is what I have not imagine.I strive to maintain the work but it get to my being and not a word would be welcomed and I suggested that endurance is sure will and if only God is involved.

Your things are for you and not in all cases that,if your right has not been so true.The one who came to see you doing this,will believe that all work is easily done and you smiles and says nothing as to what they had not known.To be continued

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