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My love is not with you

A danger began when I saw you
and I am far from you
Hoping it will last forever
I gave in so easily for you
On the occasion of my actions

Only the living experience this
With whatever that comes from you
All but one seem to see it.
In the direction of what had happened
I tried to figure it out,during the daylight

You had seen it,but waited for
Who had the chances to take
On the road of destination,long enough to catch up
But not with what may come
For the people who hold something in their hands

All chases what never last us
Even though we are made for one
Till it come for everyone searching
Who has got it made already
And see it not satisfied in the end

This is not what we had prepared for
The energy comes from the heavenly powers
To the people who are after it briefly
To be talking about based on you
The love is not always the way it should be

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