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My notion on lewd utterances in songs

First and foremost,I will like to comment on any songs that is inspirational and still passes the useful messages.I believe if it's not uplifting the body,soul and spirit.We all should rise to the occasion and put a stop to it.Of what use is a songs that keeps re-occuring and will not propel you for greatness.

The major key player in the entertainment industry should do something before it get out of hands.
Thus,many things are not balance and yet we are hailing the wrong things.You should flow to the beat based on the inspiration you have and what you intended doing.

The beat should be adjusted to enable the people have a feel of what you are doing and not otherwise.You are not gifted,if your music is not changing the society the way you met it.

Most songs are not glorious except the moment they are using.Only few artiste write and research on any song they want to release.Finally,I want to call on the Federal Government to look into the entertainment industry and even the private investors who are contributing magnificently in no small measures should make us proud about the content of the song being released because it easily affecting the younger ones who do not have eject button.

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