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Nigeria quality access

This is an initiative of Non-governmental organization that promote production and patronage of quality made in Nigeria products and services.Implemented Nationwide by consumers empowerment organization of Nigeria(CEON).A member of Manufacturer association of Nigeria's made.This is the dream of well meaning Nigerians to have been informed about the frantic efforts this Non-governmental organization are doing to solve their plights.

They have considered the pros and cons before embarking on the projects.This is a prove that things are already working in Nigeria.

Benefits of Nigeria quality access(NIQA)
(1)Improved the standard of living (2)Increasing gross domestic products
(3)Help create job for the unemployed youths
(4)Creating an avenue to meet international best practices
(5)Promoting self sufficiency in the making of raw materials for exportation
(6)Detecting fake products often times used
(7)Develop a mechanism for products durability

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