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Petitions to Jesus

Jesus,the helper,we want to help others

Jesus,our glory,glorify us

Jesus,the healer,heal us

Jesus,our holiness,make us holy

Jesus,our protector,protect us

Jesus,our living God,make us love you the more

Jesus,our guidance angel,guide our path

Jesus,the problem solver,solve problem for us

Jesus,our true shepherd,feed my soul

Jesus,the solution to the world,let your solution be seen everywhere

Jesus,the forever kings,make us kings

Jesus,the dependable God,we depends on you

Jesus,our loving God,we depends on your love

Jesus,our holy father,let holiness be our watch word

Jesus,our teacher,teach us well

Jesus,our holyspirit,put the holyspirit to follow us

Jesus,our joy,make us joyful

Jesus,our great counsellor,counsel us well

Jesus,the only one God,let me seek you in one true way

Jesus,the fountain of life,refresh us

Jesus,our hope,we hope in you

Jesus,our last end,we want to possess you

Jesus,model of patience,comfort us

Jesus,our justice,justify us

Jesus,meek and humble of heart,make us like you

Jesus,our support,we want to be strenghtened

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