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Poems to my surviving Nigeria

I see things a bit shaky
Even if our effort won't count much
We are still for the greatness
No matter how insurmountable it could be

Just like life will not be easy
Pushing could be the way forward
We can't afford to slack for a seconds
The time is just too available to achieve more

In the days of our heroes and heroine
In which it was a total sacrifice to the greater good of all
Even with the lesser people
Then something has already been done

Nigeria should not be criticised by many
But considering things in the light of the nations
Many challenges befalling us can be solved in love and unity
Surely,Nigeria can be once again greater than before

God on our side,but victory is ours
We are just more than a conqueror
And we must do something to continue with its greatness
For it has to be the work of all and sundry

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