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The joy of teaching

Teaching is a process of impacting the knowledge acquired to the people overtime by freeing them from the shackles of darkness.However,it is labour intensive and more are needed to get used to the system of education.But the level at which we are operating cannot give us the best because the nation builders do little with education because they have forgotten the role they played in building a complete man for knowledge acquisition.

Furhermore,the younger generation does not see the reason why they have to embrace teaching as a profession because it is time consuming and pay lesser compare to other profession.Those who have embraced teaching  long time ago are happy because they are gradually leaving the public service, to collect their pension and gratuity. The only hope they have considered having worked for their country.

It is high time we considered they are to be paid well because of their efforts we enjoyed over time.If they had thoughts us so wrongly, there will not be any hope for a man to contribute tirelessly to what the nations desire.We should remember no nation can grow more than the quality of teachers. A passionate appeal to all the policy makers in Nigeria to look into their increment.By so doing the joy of teaching will be a common desire.

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