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The way forward in BBNaija

Over the years people have been thinking on how to build their business initiatives to an enviable position.This illustration might be the case that led to the discovery of BBNaija.BBNaija is a developing platform that strives for the growth and capacity of the entertainment industry and this has produced drives for the realisation on the return on investment, which is an applause to the group of business investors. Yes,Nigeria has acceptable its popularity.

However, it is doing more harm than good by a series of program planned to entertain people.In lines with the program being slated for viewers to get informed as led to the acceptability of sexual immortality and cheap popularity on the part of those who are participating as a BBNaija house mate.

Furthermore,people have been discouraged to maintain hardwork as the hallmark of greatness. If this platform came up to promote mediocrity than building a complete man.No doubt it worth the attempts as people are now more interested to be involved,if this will bring about money and fame.

How on earth could an individual spend just three months in a confined area and be getting a considerable pay unlike the University graduate who has been to the school and still be left out on the purpose and vision for his lives.So pathetic and painful.

Imagine a platform where intellectual are being built to solve humans need after a couple of time,someone emerged the winner and were paid very low.But this is not the case of any participants who by virtue of series of vote came first and got the money they desire.

Look,have you seen any government workers that has worked and earned such amount of money within three months.You see the leadership crisis we have been managing.If there is anything to adjust it should be the system of establishment.

(1)There should be high level of preparedness on the task ahead.

(2)There should no short cut to success except by high level of commitment and hardwork.

(3)By any means or standard there should be no form of sexual immortality on the part of the fellow house mates.

(4)For the facts that you have been watching them ,people are now more exposed to the danger of lust and pride.

(5)This will be an avenue to build more enemies than friends.

(6)If there is an update on the entertainment industry this should be the case for the orientation and good image.

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