The way forward in the entertainment industry in Nigeria

The way forward in the entertainment industry in Nigeria

Nigeria government has been proactive but needing more push to utilize this growing entertainment industry as a means of generating revenue and providing employment.They are the overseer of what is happening in the entertainment industry and to the entire country as a whole by the various government agencies.The entertainment industry was informally known as show business or show biz.

In the popular parlance,the term show business in particular connotes the commercial popular performing arts especially musical theatre,comedy,film and music.It applies to every aspect of entertainment including cinema,television, radio,theatre,and music.

However, entertainment industry is also the harnessing of human resources with intellectual power to change the perspective of the entertainment world.But there is another one called entertainment sector which is a subdivision of a larger ones.
Having stated what each one is representing, so entertainment is any activity that discover a sudden change in mood,fun to the amazement of the audience.

Types of entertainment
(1)Exhibition entertainment
(2)Live entertainment
(3)Mass media entertainment
(4)Electronic entertainment

Factors hindering the growth of entertainment industry in Nigeria
(1)Piracy:This is a big challenges the government, private sectors are yet to overcome and slowing the rate at which the return on investment should have been met and discouraging them to do more.

(2)Partisanship:This is a situation where by the right approach to things is giving to another based on the level of friendship, trust, and love.And never considered the right people in the right place and position.

(3)Poor policy making:The federal government should enact a policy in their drive to solve this menace from further worsening by implementing the right and needed ones for the recent beneficiary and yet to come.

(4)Low financial input:The federal government is not helping that much to promote the growth and development needed through the financial aids to provide help for the youth and curb social vices.

(5)Poor conducive environment:This cannot be overemphasized because the danger its offers the youth and the benefit attach to the economy.If we are likened to the discuss imagine how adversely it will be on us as an investor in the entertainment industry.

(6)Lack of technical know how:This is a must solve to compete favourably with others by giving people the position based on merit,leadership skills and achievement.

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