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What is the difference between thanks and thank you or thanks all and thank you all?

I would say the primary differences have to do with the level of formality and the number of people being addressed.

Thank you is a more formal way of expressing appreciation. I think most people make the decision whether to say thanks or thank you based on what they are thanking them for.

If someone held the door open for you, it's not really a big deal. Most people would be inclined to say thanks. It is informal. Between family or close friends, thanks might be commonly used over thank you, because of the relationship.

However, if you were stranded on the site of the road after running out of gas and a complete stranger stopped to offer you a ride to the gas station, that situation would be a little more formal.

The favor is much bigger than simply opening the door and the person is a stranger. I think in cases like these, thank you would be more appropriate. When the favor is really big or the receiver is very appreciative, a 'so much' is usually appended - 'Thank you soooo much', meaning 'You've been a huge help. I really appreciate this'.
Appending 'all' to your thanks or thank you would suggest that you are speaking (or writing) to a group of people. It could be a small or large group. In a small group of friends, 'thanks all' would seem appropriate. In a business setting when the relationships are more formal, 'thank you all' would be more appropriate than 'thanks all'.

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