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When we had nothing

It is here we see things as they are
And on the day it comes
For everyone to avoid it
But not sure of whom it is directing to
Suddenly,it is for someone

All the hope of us turns to a more of time
Even if there is no chances of reaching it
Truly,no external forces are pushing us further
To see the light of the day in real time business
For the bearer has little or no skill to cope with

They never cried out for people to mock them
To those they know and its hurts their feelings
None cares about what they are going through
Maybe there will be help about to come
To elevate these ones a step further

It is as if old ways of lives are fighting us back
To whoever has something in common
About their demands of which stand still
Getting us are for the world not to push through
In the danger we are still wallowing in poverty

That which is not for us had people in it
The problem comes when nothing is done
It is the situation where fate had put some through
Experiencing cannot only be for them alone
Which is the way we have found hope to solve it.

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