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Why you chose not to get married?


Marriage is a union that join two people together to become husband and wife.Marriage is a blessing that God has invested so much into.If it is aligned to the will of God for a purpose established and nothing to have lost since he is there.

Before you choose a life partner,pray and fast to get the right one.Marriage is a situation that has no final sad and joy moment.If you failed to get one try and become a philosopher who will be known for your good works.I repeat myself there is nothing serious about marriage that you have never seen before.I congratulate you for getting one and make sure it is what you eventually hope and pray for,I have seen tons of many things both signifying the bad and good in marriage.

Wishing you all what is neccesary to sustain that home for yourself.The shocking philosophical thinking about the issue affecting marriage.

(1)That you do not get married,does not mean you cannot make a difference in life.

(2)That you are born does not mean you should also do the same thing and if you are considering your choice making.

(3)That you face your challenges in life does not stop the one for marriage.

(4)That all what you do in marriage is a mirage about to end and everything else.

(5)That you are fulfilled in marriage is a deceiver and not expressing it completely because you can be single and wonders can come.

(6) That what you starts in marriage does not mean you will end in marriage.

(7)That you got married does not mean you have all what you dreamt of as a fair share.

(8)That you do not get married is a thing showing more than the flesh willingness but the spirit wins and from someone higher than you.

(9)That marriage is no more special,if people does not get it right in one day.

(10)It is better to live a life worthy of emulation than to concentrate more on marriage that you know it is difficult

(11)That marriage is not a license to heaven as we the individuals has seen it as so.You can be anoinated and prosperous or you can be single and international.

(12)That marriage is a structure that is yet to be built up and if it is done bad and we can predict what will happen. As a single that stands still build on nothing to adjust and re-do.

(13)That marriage is a complex phenonenon and that what you thinks it is theirs and in no time changes.

(14)That marriage is the truth in which nobody hides what they truly are.

(15)That marriage does not master you but in all what you do.

(16)That marriage issues cannot be solved in totality but your own can still be solved.

(17)That marriage is not a must to do but a must to life.

(18)That marriage is not full into excitement but your passion can be full into excitement in all what you do.

(19)That marriage is not certain for one and all people will struggle to get one as if it is their destiny.

(20)That marriage will not always give you what you desire but also the problem to tackle more.

(21)If you are not fulfilled before marriage then not in anyway going to be so.

(22)Marriage is the only institution that you are forever learning but not a graduate.

(23)Marriage is an exciting adventures that your introduced to a new knowledge of your partner.

(24)That marriage is a fantasy until we realised their weaknesses.

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