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The politicians lifestyle in Nigeria

The government in power has reteirated its commitment of providing for the needs of the people in the country.In the country where most politicians are enjoying the milk from the Nations economy.What do we have to say about their pledges they made during their electioneering campaign?

The situation on ground does not check mate what they are capable of doing.They knew all things could not be done as they assumed it to be so.
Sometimes we are deceived about being said as the son of the soil who you never knew anything could change.They got there and embrace any step that the money brings them.You will be wondering is that not our son or daughter from this constituency who has emerged as the winner and not wanting to see us again.

That is the situation we have found ourselves.And we are yet to get out soon.Why do we believe that he or she has to be there to empty the treasury of the Nations?Their primary assignment is to contribute to the development of where they are coming from and not mismanaging the public funds.The structures on ground does not permit it to be freely executed and while imagine a councillor representing a ward who cannot even be questioned in the house or the community they live about the improvement he has been able to do or still doing for the community.

They are all after the title added to their names and the show of arrogance at any public functions.The church has something to say about this and who even added to the display of wealth at any public functions.

Instead of stopping the trend they support it in a way that is beneficial.And see it as a means to enrich their purses.The government could devise a means of putting up structures that will aid the developmental progress in the country.

Paper work is known to all Nigerians but we want it to be visible and people should experience the total turn around in their lives after implementation.Much have been said about our politicians hitting deep into the treasury of this country.We should do something about it to make it better.

Politicians should be given a salary for their workdone and not the huge sum of money allocated to them.
Capital project should be accomplished in the best way and no form of linkages are allowed.The policy makers are needed to make the policies based on the yearnings of Nigerians.Policy posing some threats in the system should be ejected out with immediate effect.To enable it stand firm and achieve the purpose intended.

The country also encourages stealing the public funds when a capital project is to be allocated to them without proper monitoring about the progress and decline.

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