Two people copulate that birth to a pregnancy
Onward the baby started developing from the foetus
An hospital report of whichever sex might be
We came from a womb enjoying its nutrients there in
A moment of anticipating joy and happiness

An act science cannot elucidate further
The major activities inside the womb of a woman
Even at a point of changing attitudes feeling,and taste
The disturbances men consider too much to bear
Forgetting they both took part in the process of pregnancy

Remember a soul has to be saved
At the point of conception,both prayers and fasting are needed
Not just the pregnancy,but any heroes might be delivered
It worth everything, if it is meant to be delivered safely
To the family and to the world

It is beyond the state of pregnancy
The wicked ones are always targeting them
To kill them even before they are delivered
Your utterances should be positive based on your prayer life
To be a source of joy and admiration

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