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You need proper sex education, and not education ambassador for having sex in BBNaija-Uche maduagwu

Where is our traditions or culture is it appropriate for people to have sex on national television? I was shocked when I heard that one state in Nigeria is making Miracle Ikechukwu Education ambassador seriously.

What does he want to teach our kids?As in,how would our children in school feel when they stumble on the despicable sex video of Miracle Ikechukwu and Nina?That means we are now telling our kids that its okay to have sex in public or national television in any event as long as big money is involved, the end justify the means,right.

Infact,I am done with this country we are original lazy youths. If anyone deserves to be an education ambassador it would be Tobi,he showed the world in BBNaija that being a man is not about slapping the goodness and mercy out of girls like Cee-C when they provoke, insult and ridicule you in public but patience and humility pays. Wake up Nigeria.

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