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Assertions By The Human Armpit

Shaved armpit with little amounts of stubble are also popular among the people who are attracted to the female armpit


The axilla (also, armpit,underarm or
oxter) is the area on the human body directly under the joint where the arm connects to the shoulder.It also provides the under-arm sweat gland.The natural body smell is a powerful force in sexual attraction and can be focused by the strong pungent odour of the armpit.Underarm hair usually grows in the underarms of both females and males beginning in adolescence.


Alex Comfort considered that for a woman to shave her armpits was “simply ignorant vandalism",obliterating a powerful sexual tool, and praised the French for greater sexual awareness than American deodorant culture in this regard.

A woman's armpits, armpit hair, and secretions can be seen as essential components of her femininity, whether this is positively or negatively valued.


Havelock Ellis found evidence that (in a non-sexual context) smelling one's own armpit could act as a temporary energy boost.

Some modern Western cultures, it is common for women to remove underarm hair. Some view this practice as an aesthetic matter, while others view its removal for health-related concerns. As underarm hair grows quickly, shaving must be performed frequently, or stubble will appear in the axilla.


In the Islamic tradition, underarm hair removal is a religious hygiene practice for both women and men. While most Muslims shave it, some pluck it, with products like wax, as it's more efficient to sustain longer periods without regrowing.

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