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Five Signs That Can Cause Hatred In Your Relationship

Overtime being in a relationship is a wonderful adventure if both personality understand the rule of the game.It has been said that you cannot understand everything about your partner until you have stayed together for a while.At this junction I will itemized few things that can generate hatred in your relationship.

It is one thing to be together and another thing to understand each other too well.It is often said that we see things as we are and not as they are.In the cause of clarifying issues it may generate into another level that you never bargained for.At that point you wonder was has led to the situation.But if this continue over a period of time,this a warning signals to end the relationship.

(2)Different belief system
This has to do with the level you understand the life and how it is being applied.Your thoughts,desires ambitions must always be the same or otherwise you will be fighting almost all the time.

(3The level of maturity
Maturity  has to do with way we relate with people and our understanding of life.At times he may want to act on a belief system that is not favourable. Since you have the capacity to correct him proves the level of maturity.If otherwise you just continue to be claiming who is right or wrong.

(4)Intelligent quotient
Many ladies tend to fall in love with a guy based on his level of intelligence and the way he handles things. This easily attract many ladies to your sides and other related behaviour they are seeing.What will discourage her is your low level of reasoning and what she consider slow in action,indecisive and spontaneous at every decision making.

(5)No level of ambition
Ambition in this context is the seeking to achieve the desire of your heart.Ordinarily you must be ambitious and be open minded in order for the dream to come into a reality.Since you will be thinking alike and as such the element of the future must always be in your heart.If this is not found at all can be a disaster when you are likened to a man building a house on rocky foundation.

This is just an opinion of the writer not based on norms,cultures and environment. You can comment on the box for correction,suggestion and advice for a better viewers.

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