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Four Things Women Would Find Attractive In You.

Women are emotional and sensual beings, and we like to be romanced and shown love. There are many trigger points for a woman, but turning her on shouldn’t just be by physical touch.

Smell good: There are very few things as attractive as a man that smells good. It’s an instant turn-on, and it makes women notice you. It also shows that you take care of yourself, and women like a well-groomed man.

Buy them food: I know that this sounds anecdotal, but it works. Women like to be fed-maybe because they are usually expected to be feeding others. For someone to be thoughtful enough to get them food is a turn-on

Sweet words: Not just any words, but compliments and praise words will get to any woman. Be sincere. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you value her. This is especially true when the praise and sweet words are unexpected and comes from the heart.

Small gestures: The little things, like helping her to do some chores without being asked, making sure she’s not cold, picking up the kids from school...these are guaranteed to make her moist.

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