What Life Has Taught Me Part 2

What Life Has Taught Me Part 2

(1)The beauty you cherish a lot will grow old with you.

(2)Never complained about the life you have chosen.There is a reason why you are being tested.

(3)Don't be discouraged when people abused you,keep working until you have your glory.

(4)Don't just get married understand the reason why you are together.

(5)Don't be too proud everybody has a time to learn.

(6)Strive to be relevant even with a little touch of responsibility.

(7)You have not done anything yet until you have advanced what your parent have created.

(8)You cannot know the mind of man,but be mindful of what you are being committed to.

(9)People will not value you until you start doing something that worth your dream and aspiration.

(10)Be careful what you say people will always remember your mistake instead of the good.

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