What Life Has Taught Me Part 1

What Life Has Taught Me Part 1

(1)You will continue to acquire until the last day.

(2)The love a man has will grow if he is passionate about surviving.

(3)You don't need to fight people if they failed to realise their mistakes.Only their conscience will be the final judge.

(4)Trust few,love all and hate no one.

(5)Stay as careful as you will be, people will still give you new name.

(6)Learn to forgive others, you will be free from anxiety and worries.

(7)You can deceive many but only you know the truth.

(8)You have not been given all except the share from God.

(9)Take care of your parent if you want to grow old.

(10)You will realise life is short if you have discovered the last day.

(11)Take time to prepare for life,it will make you humble unexpectedly.

(12)Don't envy others because we all have been given different gift to cope with.

(13)Don't make a man cry without any fault or else they will remember you as enemies.

(14)Be afraid of no one except the maker of all things.

(15)Value your life and name if that is all you ever wanted.

(16)Tomorrow is reveal to no one,today is a gift to everybody make use of it judiciously.

(17)Help people in their difficulties they will remember you as a good person, not only today but the future to come.

(18)Don't spend all your precious times in gossip,you are not a saint if you have ever participated.

(19)True friends cannot be bought but they are known with a good heart.

(20)Everyday is a lesson to those who have come to the new knowledge of life.

(21)Appreciate the life you never thought of,but you are experiencing it.

(22)Love and care are the most reason we are existing.If you have one.Appreciate your God for everything.

(23)Celebrate your parents and others who have stood by you all your life.

(24)Don't live the life you will always  regret later.

(25)Treat people specially for you will know how they behave.

(26)Understand why you live and who will be with you.

(27)Pray and fast,this is the greatest gift you can ever get.

(28)Not all people wish you well,discover what you want and how you want it.

(29)Be afraid of a man who can kill the body and soul all together.

(30)Expect the best from marriage,people and God.It shall be well with you.

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