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Africans Will Be Great Again (Nigeria As A Case Study)

I studied life far from dreaming
Just awakening to see its revelation
Mood portraying its hope and aspiration
With many great ideas and innovation coming forth

Life is fruitful for the risk takers
I salute the heavens on high
Africans the new break away from the norm
Knowledge all men show forth in greatness
Nothing but the best for all time

Erasing the errors of the time past
Greater energy minds freeing from the shackles of poverty and stagnation
This is the just the beginning of all Africans
For men and women totally solving out

Africans the people of high morale and integrity
I bow down in loyalty,honour and respect
The magnitude of love,trust and hope
Oh!Africans the seat of blessing and joy

Proud to be members of African Nations
Wisdom ever refreshing and pleasing to bear
With great dexterity we are more than powerful
Believe me we are problem solver

The makers of love cannot be hidden
Even to the weakest we are stronger
Till all men come to see the benefit of the African Nations
We are nothing but its grace overcome our struggle

They exalt the heart and and proves the teaching possibility
People of great grace, knowledge and wisdom
To be highly favoured with divine wisdom and authority
Let celebrate and praise the rare privilege of being one

Novice today will operate on high grounds
Read my lips we are more than ready
We would forever be on top with grace sufficiency
Our mandate taken by full force

Great Africans be committed to the new generation
In one love,unity and peace
Work like you are a blessing to others
And I envisioned the prosperity of African Nations


  1. This is well put and gives a positive face to us as Africans

    1. Yes this is what have to believe to make a better future.


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