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In My Dream Evil Shall Not Prevail

I was lost in reality my minds not getting closed
Overwhelmed by the situation surrounding me
My part released thought of no other
Far from the people's way of life

Can a man be totally free from their enemies?
You continue seeing in both ways
Such as the life we are battling with
Only the revelation of the wicked ones can be curbed

How can a man change from a disturbing life to glory?
If you are being chased from left and right
People of different sort came as if they are in millions
Until a man is being destroyed

It is everywhere like a water,aiming for a destruction
Don't get closed you will be a scapegoat
Man wandered in a complete perplexity
Is this a life we have created,artificial?

The life we are running away from
Everybody should be careful,the time is near
No wonder man is being controlled by their fear
Such a time like this,anytime of the day.
Then you are connected to God to solve

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