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The Joy of University of Ibadan (Nigeria)anthem(The new version)

The fount

Unibadan,the true citadel of learning
In sound teaching and pure knowledge
For the lovers of education and development
Where every man is in the pursuit of wisdom
For self sufficiency and for the society
That our nation may glorify in itself
Help build a world that is just and egalitarian

Unibadan,the first and leading University in Nigeria
Where all men and women moved in honour and glory
The institution has come to offer so much more
Truly,the best in itself,research and education
Guide our men and women to know,learn and prove mightily what we have at hands

We cherish the history,create name and long lasting
Strengthened we rode higher
People in their multitudes hail the great institutions
The future is ours we learn,develop and become more relevance
Unibadan is for all,its peak,greatness and well standing
Unibadan is a school of continuous learning,no limitation and no unstoppable achievement and glory

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