What Women Failed To Understand About Men

What Women Failed To Understand About Men

Women needs to understand certain traits about men so as be comfortable with them in marriage,friendship,boss of a company. Most times they are not the way they think it is.But a little time they start enjoying them in a way that brings forth surprises.

Even in their marital life they will not be afraid to relate well with them.They can be prepared to solve their imminent battle because marriage is consider to be the first target of the evil ones. As people always want their union to fall apart if there was a good happiness and total cooperation for all time calling.The point explains how men behaves and what parts would they play to enjoy them the more in all walks of life

(1)Wrong perception about sex:It is a commonly exhibited behaviour by the women folk to assume men cannot do without sex,this is not a general behaviour about them.This can only happen if you have not define who you are, what you believe and the kind of person you are.

Not all men are sex addict, perhaps does not have much interest in such. Society encourages the rapid believe about the concept,thereby making them the only help they can offer is sex and which is not the case all the time.

(2)Spending with profit:It is not all the time that men spends with benefit because of their end result.Most probably women assume they should prove who they are and not necessarily by saying those words. This is the reason why they spend and expects result at the end of day. If it were to be a little assistance they might want to do.

(3)Attitudinal behaviour: More often than not,men who are caught in the act of cheating have the traces of such at first before getting out of hands.So you have to ask some certain question about him in the areas of dating other women otherwise you won't enjoy him at all if he is addicted to them.

(4)Inherent traits: Most of the exhibited behaviour are not falling from above they are inherited from our parents. Except you consider some better approaches rather than resulting in nagging,jealousy and hot argument. You will not change for the better.

(5) Little help:It is proven that some women would want to be committed to a man with little contribution and expect more rewarding benefit. If they notice he might likely be successful.

(6)Mannerism:This will go a long way to really understands how men behaves. Your attitudes affect everything in particular about you.Why some women would enjoy while others wouldn't depends on their attitudes.Men likes better way to interact with them,by so doing they will be happy by their sincerity.

(7)Sincerity of heart: Women generally finds it difficult to interpret men when they needed a true scenario. Of course they don't know the implication of being sincere even at the slightest of mistake.This has made a lot of women to verbally abused men and really don't want them to explain better.They needed them so it has to be explained.

(8)False belief:In the society we live in,women believe men should cater for all while they should just be there to spend them all at once.Any man that discovers this behaviour will leave nothing but to run for his dear lives.At the end she will conclude that men are difficult to stay with.

(9)Money spender:Women are synonymous to spending money if it is not theirs. They can as well as spend your money beyond what you thought. For a man who understood how it was got wouldn't want to spend money unnecessarily. This is not the case for a woman,they can spend all at once and still thinks it will suddenly amount to the money you have saved. Some men don't think in that way,they believe it shouldn't be spend all of a sudden even at once and gone. All women don't want to know they just want to spend everything.

(10)Level of maturity. Men wants women to have understood certain behaviour about them before concluding on who they are. It is not the way they think it's if they are seen it for the first time. They are not totally bad but parts of them are awesomely good.

Notes:This is an inspiration from God and not in anyway promoting diversity between men and women or form a major dispute as to which is greater or not. It addresses various ways life in which it should be meaningful to both people in all aspects of human endeavours.

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