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Your Love Captivate me(Dedicated To The beautiful Women Across The Globe)

I thought you would have done
I did not realise you were so nice
I miss you more than ever before
I promise I would change

You are too precious to be forgotten
My mother love keeps me going
How can I lose you just in time
You are just more than the beauty

Help me out I am losing it
She is so amazing
Fall for you to the end
Your heart melt me for you

You are a real distraction I cannot control it
Too much style men ran for a chase
You are a beautiful angel in a clothes
Help me to overcome them you are killing me inside

I want to feel how sweet you are
So approaching a day light
Everybody is around you like a web
She is so nice and tenderly

Beauty of no contest
A special features in the right proportion
My love is for you and only you
Feeling you across time and event

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