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(Be A Firm Believer Of Faith)You Have The Greatness In You

I didn't see it coming. I was surprised I am writing again to the delight of the people.One or two things could have been possibly done to get used to that new life you wanted.We are not what we used to be but time and chances happen to them all.In no time you can be celebrated if you believe in yourself and God.

(1)You were abused, humiliated, hated but you are renewed now.

(2)You were a dullard,never understood anything but excelling now.

(3)You had many miscarriages but you have a child now.

(4)You were tagged unloved but you are lovable now.

(5)You were a bad child in the family but now the first and prospering.

(6)You were not attracted to the good things but blessing is following you around now.

(7)You were tagged no helper but you are helping out even a lot more.

(8)You had a story that was bad but your story have changed.

(9)You were a man without any direction for destiny but you have an admiring destiny now

(10)You were thought no success filled but you have a life full of success.

(11)You were named the end and beginning of sorrow but it has turned to Joy everlasting.

(12)You were named too weak for success but you are strong in all sides with a meaningful impact.

(13)You were a man with no jobs but you have one of your heart desires.

(14)You were a man with Jesus forsaken but you have Jesus operating in all the angles of your life.

(15)You were not wished a good life but you have a life full of good things.

(16)You were not loved from the heart but you have been appreciated with a good heart.

Note:It is a thing of joy to continually encourage people to always found faith in everything they do so as to really enjoy the blessing God has prepared for you.This is our heart desire to contact us for more initiative,suggestion and comments on is indeed a blessing to have you in our midst.

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