Be Thankful For All You Have Got(God Has Been Faithful To You)

Be Thankful For All You Have Got(God Has Been Faithful To You)

Many years ago when I have not come to understand the effectiveness of given thanks to God for what he has done, what he is doing and what he will still do.It dawn on me to think God is not on my sides that what might have others done that I have not done. Is it to pray ,yes I can pray or to fast I can fast. In fact I can fast very well.

But I didn't realise the grace received from keeping me alive,numerous I have fallen into sin that he did forgive. All those unseen troubles, calamities,sudden death I did not die with.The time I had no money but he came to my rescue. In fact he has been performing wonders.

Again,I think of where my mates are,too numerous to mention what they have done or achieved. I felt unhappy why is my own different from others. Is it a sin,mistakes,carelessness,parent curse or lack of vision. Still lost in thoughts what could they have been. Not anywhere closed to those things mentioned.

Then what? I was reminded no sincere thanksgiving to God. He told me have you forgotten where you are compare to some of your mates. Those who have no result to get a job. Those who cannot eat nor talk.

Those who have no parents to cater for them. Those who do not have where to sleep. Those who don't have children of their own. Those who don't have shoes to wear. Those who are dying everyday as a result of malnutrition.

Those who don't have access to electricity, pipe borne water,hospitals etc. Those who don't have leg to walk. Those who had an accident and die instantly. Those who are more knowledgeable,more wiser than you but no education for them.

Those who cannot afford to buy food for themselves. Those who have no job of their own. Those who are in serious pain in the hospitals. Those who are seriously affected by poverty. Those who find it difficult to live a normal life.

Those who needs help but they couldn't get. Those who are cheated on a daily basis because of their right. Those who are of marriageable age but no partner yet. Those who have married but no children. Those who are working but no serious use of their money.

Those who have mouth but cannot eat due to serious difficulties fighting their survival. Those who died when they are almost delivered. Those who don't know the importance of serving God let alone going to church. Those who are not up to your age but have gone. Too numerous to mention. But I make reference to this few available

In all of this you are not affected in any way. He has been there for you always. No cause for alarm. Your work is fine. Your children are doing very well. They don't fall sick often even if they do. It's not beyond human capacity to solve. Your Helper has been wonderful to you. You don't queue at the hospitals for treatment. You are not sent packing because of house rent. Infact,you are enjoying the blessing, mercy and favour of God upon yourself and families. It worth celebrating always.

Note:This is a reminder for those who don't appreciate God for everything. Infact what he has been to you. Appreciate him the more and you will be surprised how things will be working out well for you. This is an inspiration from God to teach people various ways God has been faithful to us.

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