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Benefits Of Parenting A Child Part 1

Parenting is not as easy as many think. There is a whole lot they have to do in the family. Both have to understand the task on their hands before embarking on raising their kids to maturity. It's the prayer of most people to have kids call as their own. The joy seeing them around is worth appreciating the gift of life. Even at the point of manifesting their greatness at their various human endeavours.

(1)You have your own child:Once a child is born and christened. It all belong to you as parents. The tasks is ready to nurture the child to maturity and at the same time they bear your family name and everything you have. If it is not what they wanted,you as the parent must continually instil in them the fear and obedience. This is what they expected from you at all times. As this continue they are helpful in doing household chores and what have you.

(2)Good ambassador: Parent who understands how difficult giving birth is and to cater for them would continually appreciate God's grace on them for the one they have. Aside the good love and care,what you hope to expect from them is the faith in the family name and how they have spread across the good image,character, maturity and excellence in the family and to the larger society.

(3)Continuation on the family good work: Parent that have a good reputation in the society would definitely be teaching their children on path of greatness they have laid down. In order to improve and maintain the standard in the years to come..Also,to avoid what can tarnish the family name or image in the society.

(4)The joy of their kids: It's a thing of joy and gladness seeing your kids excelling and making the necessary contribution in blessing their parent. The moment they will appreciate them for their gift as children from God and prayer they will continually because enemy may not want them to enjoy those blessing from the Lord.

(5)Enhancing the union:If you have not seen this happening for a mother and child talking especially when he is public figure in the society. You will be happy for them because you are also expecting this for your kids. It will keep you to strive and be proud of them someday and everyday.

Note: This is an inspiration from God to continually encourage parents to strive harder for their kids to have impact in life and also till their joy is full.

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Have a great day. This is from me to you.

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