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Benefits Of Parenting A Child Part 2

(6)Continuation on the family lineage:Once you have your own child. They are receiving the love and care from you as their parent. When the time is right,they will be matured, get married and have their own children. The beautiful thing is seeing them achieving more than you could have thought. This is the fact that  Bible teaches God can give you far more than you could ever think or ask for. This is the privilege you have as a parent.

(7)Loving affairs:In the family of father,mother and children. There is a constant love that exist among the family. If there was no any,family would not have taken place already. Infact, mere seeing those things from their parent would be an urge to be a good parents.

(8)Emulating the good character: A good behaviour is learnt from the family. Ranging from how to greet,talk to elder, settle dispute and be familiar with the things of God and help others. This is what they are taught before being exposed to the things outside their home. If they understood this very well, getting to establish their home won't be difficult for them because of the foundation of their lives or various homes they have come from.

(9)Learn to be responsible: It's a good thing to see your child living the life you taught him or her. The good child who listen to instruction, obey your command is a blessing to you from  God because it will be the same training he or she will grow up with to teach his kids or other people who are closely associated with him. It does not die, but rather it stays with you. What you don't have you cannot give it out.

(10)Understand unity of purpose:It's a thing of joy to have parent and as well as learn what brought them together as a good family. The family that teaches this at all times will inculcate the spirit of together and love operating within their midst. You don't expect less from them if they have mastered them. In anyway they are picking it up will not be forced to get married but learn what,when and why they are getting married.

Note:It's an inspiration from God to encourage our parent to establish the purpose of getting married and what they hope to achieve as time progresses. It should not be forced but be prepared for and set good examples for others to follow.

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