Beyond Nigeria 2019 General Election Which System Of Government Are We Adopting  Part 1

Beyond Nigeria 2019 General Election Which System Of Government Are We Adopting Part 1

Gradually we are approaching the time of elections. The moment of history and landmark achievement. We are to choose our next leader to move this great country forward. As we all know various political parties have been working so they have selected those who are to represent them in the issues of national interest.

Before that they conducted the primaries in which the most favoured emerged the winner. A difficult hurdles successful crossed so what next is to contend with other political parties candidacy. This time we must consider those who best fit for the job, their antecedent, contribution of national interest.

This is crucial moment for this country because things are not the way it supposed to be. People are dying,hunger in the environment, lost of jobs, unemployment is on the increase. Family scattering all over the places,children complaining. Life is stressing. No motivation anywhere except yourself. No smooth relationship except you are encouraged to do more

Are we operating on true federalism, republican and presidential system of government. We have actually tried some but not totally solving out. Yes it won't be helping if I am analysing the bad sides rather than figuring out the way forward. I am not supporting any political parties or the candidacy for the presidency. My claims is to get Nigeria working again.

What is the missing gap in the constitution we have not filled up. If we can get those question beginning for answers then Nigeria can be better again. Are we hoping to be spending a lot of money for electioneering campaign or thorough interview to determine who we are given our dreams and aspiration to run the affairs of this country?

By that we can be sure who is ready to move us beyond this ugly mess. It is not a matter of the son of the soil but a matter of the delivery and problem solution.

Not levity in carry out our duties to really worth the stress we are embarking upon. Upon the strategy adoption without proper scrutiny leads to failure. Which should test run all those equipment before using them. And ascertain the fact that there will be minimal error for a result.

The body incharge of the election(INEC) should be very careful in discharging their duties because there will be some anomalies in the system if care is not taken.

For us to realise the importance of governance there should be thorough understanding of constitution as it relate to election. That is when we can actually expect the best from an election.

Again we should be convinced about who we are voting for. It's prepares our minds to expect fresh ideas in governance. For we have truly weigh the differences of what they can offer to us.

Less I forget I want to raise some salient point for us as a Nigeria for the coming election.

Are we depending on computerized identity cards with full technology  being controlled?This is applicable else where and we should stand for what is right and get it once and for all. If the system adopting has matured to the point of usage. Do we believe so much in them without putting any system to check mate their operation?Those armed forces men and women to safeguard the process to scare away thugs, thieves and killing.

Are we insisting on fat payment as a politician because of the money they have spent or lesser money and more productive service to the people as a Nigeria worker?Has the judiciary the hope of a common man if not there should not be biased in the system. Sometimes the constitution is interpreted to favour the rich at the expense of the masses?

How do we intend to close the gap between merit and connection for any governmental establishment?How do we balance education,trained manpower and infrastructure for national development?

How do we grow the economy faster where we are yet to understand the small and medium scale enterprise to a large chains of businesses?How do we put a stop to unstable price of goods and service?

How do we put a stop to various social vices threatening our peaceful coexistence?How do we freely express our right without prejudice and cheating?

How do we curb, just and egalitarian society free from corruption. How do we constantly drive the economy of Nigeria's image?How do we provide enabling environment for each gift to reach high capacity?

How do we improve the salary structures, the working condition and means of livelihood for all Nigerian workers?How do we continually maintain sanity in the system to solve our major challenges?

How do we solve the issues of concentrated resources in one particular region or state for their growth and development?

How do we put a stop to girl child marriage?How do we strengthened the system we are building for others?

Next to state those possible solutions on the earlier discussion

Note:This is an inspiration from God who has made it possible to analyse those issues to be solved if anyone emerged as the winner.Comments,opinions and suggestion to. care and value you.

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