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Beyond Nigeria 2019 General Election Which System Of Government Are We Adopting Part 2

Are we depending on computerized identity cards with full technology  being controlled?This is applicable else where and we should stand for what is right and get it done once and for all. If the system adopting has matured to the point of usage. Do we believe so much in them without putting any system to check mate their operation?Those armed forces men and women to safeguard the process to scare away thugs, thieves and killing.

Are we insisting on fat payment as a politician because of the money they have spent or lesser money and more productive service to the people as a Nigeria worker?It is good development to get the constitution working well. Not necessarily a book of no relevance. The gift of God to people on earth to guide and guard our ways of life. It has so much to offer if no one is believing the superiority over the constitution itself. No greater man if you are changing not. I believe there should be a good view from the constitution to spend but not higher than what any man can afford so as not to seek a sponsor from a god father for the election. Again,if it is affordable then you can value your love,energy and mandate. The movement you actualize this then the pain can be rewarded when you win the contests.

Has the judiciary the hope of a common man if not there should not be biased in the system?Judiciary is a system of giving justice when they are called upon. Free from biased,inconclusive outcomes. There should always be an avenue to trust the system, service and mode of judgement. We are one way or the other being affected by the process of justification,orderliness and freedom. The judiciary should be strengthened to accommodate a lot of hope,we have once more shared in a way and manner going by what we expect.
Sometimes the constitution is interpreted to favour the rich at the expense of the masses?This is not a total error the rich get whatever they wanted. If poor couldn't get. The same trust the rich had should be possible for the poor too. No feeling bad,no total confusion, the result satisfying. That's what we should always expected them.

How do we intend to close the gap between merit and connection for any governmental establishment?This is the major factors affecting the productivity of the Nigeria workers. If those who are supposed to be given the job didn't get. Only to realise they favoured those who are highly connected. The best is possible if we can give the job to those who worth it. The successes can be a one time keep coming. That is what we would love see coming to a reality.

How do we balance education,trained manpower and infrastructure for national development?It's a known fact that no nation can grow more than the quality of teachers. The bedrock of national development. The movement of changes, the effort we have at hand. If education is then what can we do again to get it right. No lip service to education. It's a light that shines bright in the darkness. We should keep training them to be at their best for a proper growth and development

How do we grow the economy faster where we are yet to understand the small and medium scale enterprise to a large chains of businesses?Businesses needs new initiative to grow starting from the bottom to the top. This is a realization of a need that needs to be met. We should be educated in the school about self development, business ideas and how it contribute to the economy of any country

How do we put a stop to unstable price of goods and service?We are not getting this right. No stability in everything we buy and sell. Things are not reduced yet there is a poor salary. People are crying,lamenting, unhappy. Hunger in the land with this high pricing of good and service. The money is not even enough to cater for all your needs. The time is yet to come to revive the economy where your money can meet your daily needs. This is what we need to tell them to do. This is where it affected us the most. They need to solve this to make us a happy people and happy nation.

How do we put a stop to various social vices threatening our peaceful coexistence?Evil will continue if we don't solve any little bad habits we have with us. It is not a demon yet until it grow to the level of frustrating effort. Quicker than the time we have to solve them. It start from the time we believe everything we feel,see,perceive and known are good. No urge to change for the better. Things are just remaining where they are. Every man has a lot to do to free us from the evil we see everyday. Who is leading us should be aware how this evil won't generate into a lot more.

How do we freely express our right without prejudice and cheating?This is making us angry if it keeps coming. Even if you have a say who is backing you up at this time. Yeah,it has made many people to carry their fears all about. Just at this time you are weak not strong enough to carry on. What do you rely on to help you out?Only the system that favours all.

How do we curb, just and egalitarian society free from corruption.Our society needs to be free,just and fair. The society should accommodate any meaningful development. The story has got to change. We should try and be effective this time around. Corruption is the bane of progress. We should satisfy our workers with a good pay except you are seeking for others else where. Your additional skills get you more

How do we constantly drive the economy of Nigeria's image?Our economy needs to grow to an enviable position. Nigeria's image precisely. Our produce to other nations of the world. We have a lot to give out as a nation. God is merciful to us. He has been there a lot more. Life is for us to have a view of this at the moment. Let's rebrand Nigeria. In love we can do a lot in common. Such a time like this we can create job opportunities for those who have those skills already for the job. This is where our strength lies.

How do we provide enabling environment for each gift to reach high capacity?For the Youth who are gifted but no opportunity to explore their God given talents. Many are carrying this all about, no atmosphere to show case their gift to the world. This is the time the government comes into play to assure them there is light in the end of the tunnel. The hope and aspiration is high. We need to move higher and higher in the environment we found ourselves. Government needs to provide all things to make yourself fit into the profession you desire.

How do we improve the salary structures, the working condition and means of livelihood for all Nigerian workers?Civil servant needs to be paid very well. It's a good feeling when your effort what your pay. They are working but not happy with what they are doing, seeing and giving out. Tired of the system frustrating us. We have to encourage them to increase their pay,incentives,platform for seminar and workshops. This holds them at the high esteem for more.

How do we continually maintain sanity in the system to solve our major challenges?
This is a time to tell our leaders not to divide us the more by any means. And we are as a followers has to understand what we have to do to bring unity, love and peace back. Not longer than tomorrow. This time is achievable. Yes we can solve them. Yeah it's high but not higher than what we can actually solve. It's so dangerous that it can destroy the whole nations. Let people realise that their time will come when they don't lose hope. By so doing they won't think negative in such a way they will use by the devil. This is the genesis of the evil we see around.

How do we solve the issues of concentrated resources in one particular region or state for their growth and development?Our natural endowment needs to be utilized by the state involved. Not federal power all they can do is supervision of the resources for the common good of all. There should be a law or policies that will make them accountable for all their wrong doings. In any way they are punished by the law and use them to help in alleviating their suffering

How do we put a stop to girl child marriage?
Marriage should be between a man and a woman. Not between a girl child who has not known any yet about life itself not to talk of marriage institution. It's dangerous to the extent that it opens the child to numerous diseases peculiar to a girl child as at the time they are married. Matured men should look for those who are in their categories. Matured in mind and heart. It is a forbidden practice we have been practising all this years. It's unhealthy and killing. They should be matured before getting married to them. We have to understand this the better for us.

How do we strengthened the system we are building for others?This is the basis for international recognition as a nation,community, society and people at large. Our system needs to be emulated by others. If we have come to accept what we shared together. For a better time and always. Opportunity coming faster to get us. We need to maintain the recognition till the end.

Note:This is an inspiration from God who has made it possible to proffer solution to the challenges we are facing at the moment. And to those who want to lead this country should take cognizance the point I have raised earlier on to better this country.

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