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Christmas The Blessing We Are Having Everyday

Jesus birthday, long remembered and purely satisfying
Atmosphere changing, life blessing
Hope renewed and alive
Miracle happening and living the life

Better days ahead ours is joy of no other
Appreciating the gift of himself to us
In a way the world has seen and loved. To those who know him in every little way

He has come to give hope to the hopeless
Free the captives from their bondage
Breathe into them what make them a complete man after all
Humble,active but not fumble

Born in a lowly place but appreciated by all people
Lesson we have to learn from
His greatness grows no smaller
Out of this he gave some part to use

For our freedom and settling
Then we share in his glory the divinity
All hail the king of glory
Let's celebrate the birthday blessing we have desired

Be kind in every way to put a smile on people
And you shall be an expectant of the blessing thereafter
If you know who God is to you
Serve Him to get the best always

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