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Don't Lose Hope You Can Still Make It

You must have been hearing a lot of stories about your life, how you started, where you are, what have you done,what can you still do.That's just an opinion of who you are not.You are just being prepared for a finished products. You will rise again and be happy. It's not all over. You have not created an indelible mark which cannot be erased by people in the sand of time.This is a charge to people to keep hope alive and believe in the future they hope to get.

(1)You have to start again: No matter the situation or challenges surrounding a common man,you can still start again and break records. There are so many ideas yet untapped,released,appreciated and used. You are not a mistake, you have been given all to do or achieve. The world is waiting for you to teach them.

(2)Relax everybody  has a time to shine.No road is closed to you,get yourself together you can still do more.Nobody is like you in the world.Your family stories cannot be the reason for the stagnation.Others have done theirs you are the next in line.It's not all over.This is not the time to think about your life experiences. It's an experience you have got to open doors for a new life, new hope and aspirations.

(3)You are not a cursed man:Any man is not cursed until he believes the power is effective.Your were created to fulfil destiny and purpose.Curse has no power over you, you are free. Be happy you are not alone.

(4)Partially unfit:The
world is not against you. The energy around the earth is in your favour.Everything is working on your behalf. You are ready for the work. The power enabled,vigour and spirit.You are complete for the work.

(5)Intimidating spirit:You are not intimidated, people are working for your success,more than you ever think of.Don't be dejected about others achievement, they are not you.It's not complete when your not mentioned. Relax you got everything right.

(6)The story is changing:The story is changing for you. You are not an accident of history.The world is making way for you. Just prepared and utilized the available time.You are not affected by your past life.It's all over between past life.This is now.The future is at the best for you.

(7)Conflicting thoughts:You must have been disturbed by the devil on how can you succeed after all the sorrow,suffering and tribulations.Not to worry you are already there.God is helping out.The devil has no power over you.You are a championed. You are a leader. You are unstoppable for glory.The world will celebrate you very soon.

(8)Terrible sin:You are forgiven from every sin.Once you have confessed to him in a sincere and pure heart. He knows you don't like sinning. He knows your struggle for perfection.He will be more than ready to save you.You are changing the course of history, you are breaking a limit,you are expanding in all sides. You are leading others.Sin cannot stop you from making an head way. It is too late sin weakens itself. You have got the strength enabled. Be happy and you are alive.

(9)New name: New name is given to you. You are granted another level of success.You are pushing boundaries. You are success itself. You are an embodiment of knowledge,wisdom and understand. Special blessing is following you around. You are just a great accomplisher. In every way you are manifesting greatness. Enjoy the name and brand it forward.

(10)Heroes of all time:Business is moving faster,all things are changing for your good. Closed doors are opening for you. Nations of the world are blessing you and you are assisting countries to survive. Spreading peace,love and favour to people more than ever before. Purely from God itself.This life is not a mistake you are receiving all needed to survive.Your life is precious to God and be grateful to him for everything.

Note:You can always mail us at For more clarification and suggestion.This is just an opinion of the writer by God to make this world a better place.Happy reading! Be blessed.

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