God's Blessing I Have For You

God's Blessing I Have For You

I transcended into the power of God
Reaching the sky and giving glory to them
Heaven and earth the blessing for all
The grace I felt for

You will move from glory to glory
Your story must change for good
All eyes must see them
You are going to be celebrated

Don't lose hope, my people of God
Your are for sign and wonders
Glory upon glory you are shining bright
Give it to God he can do more

Let it move from and amongst your people
Feel the greatness and power of God
Where no man will ever remain the same
Shake off pain and discomfort from you

People see the manifestation of his glory
O God your glory has come to stay
Free yourself you can be great
It is available for the impact

He has never failed nor refused to fulfil
Beyond your imagination, he can do it
Love and peace you are given
Let the world know you have the blessing for us

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