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Jesus My Healer I Trust In You

Pain coming faster reaching my entire body
Heavily to my body and soul
I slept no more,I lost the appetite
Too much to bear,many don't know what to do

People can't stand the mess it has created
Fighting the battle they cannot overcome
With whatever they are given
Lost hope in physical efforts

Crying day and night
Can they totally be cured?
Time will be the final judgement
If we have tried to help out

Is this the life we have chosen?
Everyday is like a trouble and pain
Many can't understand what you feel inside
Of what form they come you don't like

Surround yourself with one
Everyday you need them
They are useful to you when they come
Help celebrate our God for his works of mercy and healing power

Note:Where there is no power to move on you fall by the way sides. I received this from the benevolence of God.The privilege you ever pray for to keep doing this.

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We love and cherish you.

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