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Needing More To Life I Will Wait And Learn

We are one way or the other connected to life.It's not so surprising that we have chosen our different parts.Whether we believe it or not.The way of our life differs and it has been predestined by God.I quickly realised this experience got can live for a lifetime, if you educate those coming behind you. They will always have different perspective to life and  how they can change for the better.

(1)Having a first class does not mean you will get to the top or be a world leaders.

(2)Education is for knowledge acquisition but not wisdom attained.

(3)Beautiful house is not a total comfort and enjoyment.

(4)Sleeping does not guarantee sleeping well.

(5)Eating well does not mean instant fatness and freshness.

(6)Beauty is good but your character will determine your stay.

(7)Falling sick does not mean you are forsaken or cannot be healed.

(8)Your challenges is temporary but not long lasting, you will be an overcomer.

(9)Having an expensive clothes does not guarantee loving and attraction.

(10)Driving a new car is not living fine and enjoyment.

(11)Having so many houses does not mean you will sleep in all of them.

(12)Having a good doctor doesn't guarantee good health.

(13)Being alive is not by your power but by the grace of God.

(14)Marrying a rich man does not guarantee happy marriage.

(15)Good looks does not guarantee faithfulness to your partner or in marriage.

(16)Being hardworking does not guarantee having all the money.

(17)Being highly successful does not guarantee the peace of minds.

(18)Being overly serious does not mean you will have the favour from God.

(19)Being stingy does not mean you will be in abundance.

(20)Being freely given does not mean you will be poor.

(21)Being open to help others does not mean you will short in abundance.

(22)Get God involved in all things you will be fine and happy.That's greatest gifts to humanity

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