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The Essence Of Life And Why You Need To Grow Up

There are some things that needs adjustment as we take a bold step in achieving them. There is a lot of things we are capable of doing if time permit us.

Each and everyone one of us has been endowed with greatness peculiar to your calling. What we are left with is to work towards achieving those things handed over to us. Just as we have wanted so it is translated to learn from.

👉Where there was no love, people don't appreciate one another.

👉Where there was no Messiah people lived in darkness and perpetual discomfort.

👉Where there was no marriage people cannot appreciate the coming together of a man and woman.

👉Where there was no glory, no story to tell.

👉Where there was no life people die without impact.

👉Where there was no church people don't know the importance of God.

👉Where there was no liberty people live in bondage.

👉Where there was no education people does not appreciate learning.

👉Where there was no blessing people are just struggling.

👉Where there was no favour people are not celebrated.

👉Where there was no hope people don't appreciate trying again.

👉Where there was no miracle people are living a painful life.

👉Where there was no constitutional right,people are abused and disgraced.

👉Where there was no mercy people does not appreciate loving kindness.

👉Where there was no constitution conforming to rules and regulations,people are defeated.

👉Where there was no purpose people don't appreciate elevation and progress.

👉Where there was no opportunity people are surrounded by lost and shame.

👉Where there was no helper people are working without result.

👉Where there was no good health people don't appreciate wholesomeness.

Note:This is to encourage everybody to keep appreciating the blessing they are seeing everyday from God. Once you missed anyone it will take God's intervention to restore you back to normal.

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