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The Situation Surrounding A Man (Life in Reality)

Life seem not to be understood properly
Many came and wandered about
Purely from the imagination of their reality
All those things they did not see yet
It dawn on me at this time

Why could this be so difficult
To maintain a just course
Chasing a shadow of itself
How can people get used to the system
Waiting for the perfect moment

This is actually life of itself
Where people live the life they seem to enjoy
Even if they have a prick conscience
On a certain number of occasion
They didn't get the life they wanted

Families suffering, nations against one another
Man assumed he has been given all things
By virtue of the leadership position
Spending all those acquired wealth of materialism
To get applause recognition and admiration

Few loved others hating around
They have forgotten there is a time for everybody to shine
You are called to play your part till you are no more
This is not a dream we all wish for the good things
Until we come to the senses of what we have
Time and chances happen to them all

Note:It is a rare privilege to receive from God to help others. To cater for what we have to achieve together. Permit me to say we have to connect to solve most important issues facing each and every one. This is the right time we have at the moment. I hope it will forever worth the dreams and aspirations of everybody.

Any good writer is free to mail us at, suggestion and proffer solution. Have a blessed day. You are cherished and loved by God.

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