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The World Has Not Done Enough People Are Not Happy

Looking at the world today,things are changing, people are dying, life is stressing,poor man seem not to get anywhere. Upon all this man is motivated to start a family, build houses,raise a kids,connect on any platform possible. Illuminate in the pictures. Found a discovery.

As the journey continues he is affected by virtually everything in the world. Government policies and program. Our leaders putting us in this tight corner. Nothing is making people happy anymore except their passion.

Education is not the best of legacy. Years spent in the school acquiring knowledge, struggle to read and pass. Get certificated in the system of education. Go serve his fatherland if possible. Didn't find a job on time despite his good grades. Way too disturbing about the importance of education if he couldn't get any.

Try another ways life can be meaningful, learn a trade. Spend money keep pushing forward. Didn't see it coming at all. Responsibility hanging on you already. Families chasing you around, friends expecting so much more,churches calling you to fulfil your obligatory role.

Things are getting worse day by day. Confused about which way forward. Where have we fallen?Who put us in this situation? Can life be a bit easier for those aspiring greatness? Too much energy discouraging your passion. People hating,evil multiplying. System is porous, anything and virtually everything is possible

Families can't enjoy a good benefit of a citizenry. Poor salaries structure for their needs. Feeling hopeless about what has got to do. Is it to get a new job or leave this country? Which one is better. Am I making a right decision? Will it at the end of the day solve my problems? Have I found greatness in all of this?

Of what relevance is hard life. People cannot but for once enjoy the right to life,freedom of speech, right to eat good food,right to experience peace. In all of this they are forcefully taken a lot from you in the policies and programs developed for the constitution. Surprisingly, you still have to pray for the prosperity, love, peace of the nation.

Even if you are not considered as one. No place is safe to relax and enjoy. You have created an enemy one way or the other in life whether knowingly or unknowingly. No true love except the greatness. People are now looking for friends with benefits.

They can't support you wholeheartedly if there is no benefit. You cannot say which way is the best. Everywhere is polluted. No good thoughts anymore. What we see and value have gradually faded away?

Now it's very hard to help. It's most difficult because you can be tagged "Arrogant".Some people no longer appreciate good things,they have conceived in their minds that good things can't come from you or they never wanted to see you happy. It is so pathetic how the world is changing quickly. Anyway you think or feel is subjected to gossip,backbiting and hatred.

Some people can't be faithful to one wife except they cheat or have a romantic affairs. The world has held on to a bad orientation that men cannot be faithful to their wives. If not we wouldn't be seen all sorts of relationship break up or marriage scattering all over the places.

At the moment the younger ones can't be serious to be with a woman because of what is happening around. Destinies are destroyed day by day. Drug addiction,fraud,rape gang,alcohol is gradually on the increase. What is evil now looks good?

Few could encourage and be happy for you while others will activate their sad mood. Killing others is not a thing so surprising, no fear for the judgement day. They just want to be rich overnight. Enjoy the best of cars,marry any woman of their choice. Pretend all is well and which couldn't be the same anywhere.

The story has not changed,tired of serving God. Nothing is working for you. Pray and fasted but no result. Feel like you are not remembered in this world. Too much frustration being alive,you don't trust people. People don't trust you vice versa. Many people are not enjoying this life but pretend to be fine.

Waiting for an helper but not forth coming. You are thinking of what use is this life if you cannot be sure of getting it right. This is just to remind us of how we lived our life. There is a final destination waiting for us all. Let love one another as our Lord and master teaches. What matters in life is the indelible mark you have created that cannot be erased for the good of all.

Note:This is an inspiration from God. I was just privilege to write an articles for you to learn and make use of.

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Have a blessed day. We care and value you.

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