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Valuing Pictures Rather Than The Impact On A Social Media Platform.

Many years ago,I have critically studied people on a social media platform based on their serious attachment to picture commenting on their whole view,forgetting the impact they have on others.They have forgotten that what you said positively cannot go unnoticed.People tend to notice the shape and figure fitting a clothe appropriately, not thinking what can I gain from them since we are for one another and no one is a custodian of knowledge.

You hardly see  many likes if the post talks about situation surrounding a common man and the way forward.Remember it is an avenue to exchange ideas,meet people,establish an ideologies that people come to accept not necessarily a show of fashion without gaining anything.It is the same situation we have found ourselves. Not many as they come will appreciate you but few can  attest to the fact that you are helping in no small measures.

People are moved by the display of exotics cars,beautiful attire, etc.Nothing  should you be bothered if you are not affected.This continuous display has made people to dream big without any little effort. If they think life is easy they can start thinking of the way forward.

It baffles my mind to see the wrong the society has been enjoying ever since,no urge anymore, no moral values.Some people do things as if there was never a conscience in them.The only phrase they will say is enjoy your life.Nobody cannot come and kill himself. No reward in faithfulness.Be free and enjoy the moment. You cannot be killed. You are too serious about life.Everybody will not leave here the same.

They have forgotten that there is reward in faithfulness, moral values. Patience and steadfastness.They don't see the process of refinement. Justification,trust and loyalty.They don't see what happens in a mere looking at the world in another view.All they see is moment you cherish and enjoy.

The bottom line is let world realise that people are down needs help.Let the world realise that you are blessed to bless others.Let the world realise that what you are made up is an inspiration to others.Let the world realise that you have not been given all except you connect and appreciate one another.Let the world realise that you are who you are not because you have been specially created but who God is.Let the world realise that you are empty until you have graced to catch up with and move on.Let the world realise that you are temporary in a position but it will do you good if you can do your best.

Note:It is an inspiration from God.We are for one another until we are blessed.Those who do not see cannot operate in the future.Amidst different belief system and what have you.Love should be the key to unite us the more

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Have a blessed day.You will be celebrated.We believe so much in you.

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