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What Women Need To Be Doing In Their Marriages Part 1

Many a times women allow their emotions to overrule their lives and not necessarily applying wisdom to everything they do. It will benefit them to study their partner to get the best. They have their weaknesses and this is what they are supposed to operate on and bring out the result from them. This is not the same as using their weaknesses to hurt them.

(1)Don't give him a bad response:Women are fond of this,they answer question in a bad way. And they will be thinking what have I done to him. But in the long run they don't know the weight of those responses has changed the mood of their partner unknowingly.

(2)Be supportive: It is known fact that women are designed to be of help to their partner in every way. This attest to the fact that it's written in the bible. So there is no excuse for you if you are not acting on those words. That's what you have accepted to do till death come in between the marriage.

(3)Understand his needs:At times he will want to have s*x with you. And you have to reach a compromise before you enjoy the good time together. It should not be forced but be prepared for. Allow your most agreed conclusion to have a stay.

(4)Know his financial strength: Strength in your finances is very important. Both partners must always plan on this. This is a very sensitive issues in most marriages. The husband must know
his limit likewise the wife. A well planned agenda must be highlighted to follow strictly if they will break free from poverty.

(5)Don't fight with him:There is no where fight cannot occur. If they are moving towards that direction. Wisdom is applicable here so that it won't generate to another level of partial separation. Love is needed at all times. No one should be claiming right at all times if they will want to stay together as husband and wife

Note: It is an inspiration from God. I celebrate him the more for this because I am glad in it. Few women understands men in all walks of life. Sometimes they are difficult but at the same time simple. Needs to bring to notice what women have been missing in their marriages.

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