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What Women Need To Be Doing In Their marriages Part 2

(6)Pray for/with him:For a marriage to last,prayer and willingness to do things right is the key. Both have different views to life and which can be sorted out with love,peace and prayer. You should at this point know the man you have as an husband. There is no joke in marriage. You have to be fully prepared before you enter it. Beyond merriment and enjoyment. More is situated around prayer,faith and commitment. He should be proud of you at all times because he knows you can be of help to him in difficult times.

(7)Appreciate him the more. Few women are gifted in appreciating little kindness while others does not see it as anything worth commenting on. Since they are expecting some more. But there is nothing wrong in appreciating the little he can offer prior to the effort to give more. This has affected many homes because the woman expect more and she is not interested in adding up or complement the one already have. At every point you have to be true to what you believe is right.

(8)Be his confidant:One of the key factors in marriage to determine their stay together. Men are different in a lot of ways but one thing is they can be serious and open minded to the one they love. Inasmuchas he likes you and telling you many things does not give you the right to expose him to the outside prey. The sources of love should not be abused otherwise you may lose him.

(9)Correct him in love:No one is perfect but we are all striving for perfection. Sometimes he may not be seeing what you have seen. What matters most is how you relate the topics to him. Not all men are too controlling and authoritarian. There is a bit differences in the way we have been created while most women concludes they are the same everywhere. And this has made them to see men as who they are, though and unchanging. Whereas they can change if they can be corrected with love. It's not a quick change but a gradual process they will.

(10)Be a matured woman:Maturity accommodates many things ranging from keeping the home,office work, association and service to the people. This is the readiness of a woman to perform her duty everywhere she go to. Not stature but high sense of morality,resilience, commitment and understanding for the goal of marriage.

Note:It's an inspiration from God. I celebrate him the more for this because I am glad in it. Women are wonderful and at the same time can make any man get tired of them because of their believable character. While there is an exception to every things likewise men and women in the society. This article shed more light to the marriage in the society. And what they can benefit from them.

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Have a good reading! We cherish and love you.

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