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At The End Of The Day It Is The Love That Matters Most

By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker Of Our Time)

We can be a very good lover of all time for the right person, right time and right reason. It is the bond the existed between two or more people. We all cherish the moment if you are satisfied. Today or tomorrow. What you have now is scarce in some places of the world? We are called to manifest them at all times.

In the church, school,society, homes or mosques. Where few have been the grace from the heavenly throne to teach people the essence of love sharing. It's a natural healing process. No charm or jazz is involved. You are to perform the action when called.

Where are always connected in one way or the way. From the concept of children bearing till you are matured. Educate yourself or being educated as the case maybe. You see how importance the love we had with us.

Man and woman had love in their midst before getting married. Form a family,start understanding the deepest of their love to each other. When the husband start fulfilling his responsibility in the house and wife taking care of the home. Nurture their children in a way international acceptable emanated from love of oneself and family. It's the same love they have when communicating about their experiences at their work places,friends, churches etc.

It's another love you will use to correct your children till they understand between the good and bad. How they can differentiate between those two concept. You are very careful in a way not to be tagged another name. Better still convey it in a very attractive way which they wouldn't have known what you met. Move to cater for those who are really concerned about the motives behind those action taken.

You are happy because people found the love you had. With you sharing the love and happiness. To the extent that people  realise the love you are endowed with. Deepest hating overcome with love. In this time of day we have been given to understand the purpose of life with us.

Note:It's an inspiration from God to let everyone realise the concept of real love as it affect humans in all walk of life.

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We care and value you.

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