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Beauty Is Not Enough In Marriage But Character Does

By  Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time

Beauty is relative but depending on what you are seeing at the moment. Beauty is an appealing forces that arouses the interest in you. The feeling of love and admiration. What you wish to get for all time coming?The reason why man continually chase the flesh instead of the character.I have seen the pride of those who are extremely beautiful. Though little was mentioned in impact,greatness and recognition.It's not a bad thing to be beautiful but you always attract people to learn from what make you beautiful inside out.

Beauty in its entirety:This have been a claim from the people that Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Yes it is largely dependent on what you are seeing and the attraction. You can be beautiful and international. You can beautiful with a class. You can be original and still proffer solution to world's issues. You can be a point of liberation and healing.In marriage, beauty and brain could have been the first attraction before walking down the aisle. Yes perhaps something so strong that you cannot break easily.We cannot but appreciate this in their midst. There are something open for learning when you enter fully into the institution of marriage.As you progresses in marriage, you realise beauty is not enough but other things have to follow to make it work.

Real work:Marriage is the combination of two different individuals who have agreed to stay strong and grow their relationship the more. It's a real work. You have to be ready to carry your responsibility on a daily basis. Things may fall apart but the commitment matters most in everything you are doing.

Life and purpose:Life and purpose cannot be overemphasized. They are the driving force to success. The reason you have life and moving steadily to the set goals and objectives. Marriage without life and purpose is a deadly game. You have to be ready to develop interest in everything that makes marriage work. Thus,you join the league of married men and women to give the solution to life issues

Forgiving each other:Marriage is an imperfection in itself. Though you can always strive to make things work in every way possible. Nothing can stop you if you are most determined to achieve a solution.Then if you have issues you should feel free to tackle them and not necessarily expecting one to start apologizing. Not the blame game. Anyone of you can make the move. What's important is the marriage working well again? This has affected many homes across the world. No ego, submit to love then you are one and all.

You can be outstanding:Marriage is enjoyable if what you claim to cherish is real and everlasting. To everything you do,there is an end result which was built on solid rock. You can work unanimously to achieve the best in your union. It's possible if what you had planned is favourable. No two ways to this. Planning is key,marriage is surely going to work.So,outstanding success is expected.

You are called for peace: Peace is not the absence of war but coming together to understand their differences in a way that love overrule. The best approach to loving the marriage as an institution. The real deal after love then seconded by peace. It's not bigger than you think. It's a good start to every homes. What they should be seeking everyday amidst imminent troubles ravaging the surrounding. Peace is readily available if you totally free from those who does not think as you are. Sometimes you think it's good way of life. It builds you to love irrespective of their differences.

Note: God has been so good to me in life. Though he has been my shield and buckler. To him all glory and honour belong. The blessing I see everyday,the power I needed to carry on. The one who has always been there at the most difficult times. All hail the king of glory.

I wrote this article to let every man and woman know the work they will be doing beyond beauty.I am not saying beauty is bad but it will complete itself if you can be a problem solver the world seek everyday.

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Thank you all for the reading pleasure!

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